Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

I have gotten several questions on my advent calendar since posting on the Cricut Messageboard. I am going to list some "how to's" here. Hopefully many will make this fun calendar.

I started with a metal cookie sheet. Mine is stored away right now so I don't remember the measurements, but I would say to get the large size.

I also found some Martha Stewart favor tins on sale. These tins have a clear acrylic insert in the lid. I measured the inside of the lids and then experimented a little with Design Studio until I had the perfect size circle shape to fit into the lids.

I used 4 different coordinating patterned papers for the squares on the calendar. One paper for the background (the holly and berries paper on my calendar) . 4 Solid colored cardstock for the squares and lids. And one neutral solid colored cardstock for the background behind the squares. I set each of my tins on the cookie sheet and measured how large I wanted my squares to be. Each "space" is a solid colored cardstock mat with a patterned paper top. The lid color matches that squares mat color.

I cut the word Christmas using the Mickey font. "Countdown to" is printed on my computer. I cut different shapes out and decorated shapes for the inside of the lid. So the decoration is under the clear acrylic lid section. On each lid decoration I placed the number. This year I plan to place numbers inside of the tins too. These numbers will count the opposite way and will correspond with the actual day on the calendar. For example...24 days to Christmas falls on the 1st day of December. So inside of the 24 tin I will put a number 1. This will help us stay on track and alleviate having to count the number of days left if we forget for one or two days.

I hot glued each of the tins to the cookie sheet. I tried to used magnets so that the whole tin could be removed, but the magnets weren't strong enough and the tins just slid off. So we kept a bowl on top of the fridge and the kids put the lids in it as each day was opened. I put small candies in some of the tins and in other tins I wrote a little clue so the kids could find special surprises like Christmas puzzles and coloring books.

If you need more information on my advent calendar please leave me a post and I will do my best to answer it. I plan to get my calendar out soon, so I can post measurements at that time.

Have fun!

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  1. Great project Shelly! I really need to make one of these for Colin. I think my cousin was working on one of these - I should check with her and see what kind of progress she's making!
    Have a great day!
    Hugs & Happy Days!
    Your little sis :)