Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Friend Challenge - Week 2 Results

Mom's cards turned out great too. I love the butterfly stamp with the curvy border! Great job Mom. Thanks for joining us in these challenges. :)

Here are Min's cards for the week. Great work Min! I absolutely love the image stamped on the dark background. I have to try that!

My cards for week 2 did go together really fast. And that is exactly what I need! I will take these to school with me since I never seem to have a thank you card there when I need one.
That completes this week. I am so excited to see what Min has in store for next week.


  1. These turned out awesome!! Great work! I've got my hunting hat out and am looking for my mojo - seemed to be missing last night. Let me know if you've seen it. ;o) Hoping to do a little something with these tonight!
    Great work, great challenge!
    Hugs - Min

  2. *giggles*....here mojo, mojo, mojo....here mojo. We have to learn to train our mojo's to come when we call them. ;)

    Generally it is my mojo that is missing. It feels good to have it back...however temporary that may be.

  3. The mojo (or at least it's kid sister) was located and willing to provide a bit of inspiration.....that went directly out the window almost as quick as it came! ;o)
    Here's the link to mine - http://kayminkreations.blogspot.com/2009/08/this-weeks-good-friend-challenge.html
    I love the way they ended up turning out. A confirmation that brain function Does Not cease to exist if I can't use embellishments & foo-fa-la. Thanks for a great challenge sis! Watch out for next week!!!
    Hugs & Happy Days!