Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good Friend Challenge - Week 2

It is my turn to post the rules for the Good Friend Challenge for Week 2. I am already going to put a little twist on it this week. I hope that will be ok. :)

For this week we are going to really get some cards in our card stash. I am so terrible at just getting some simple cards done. This week the challenge will be more about what you can't use than what you can use.

So...this week you need to make five simple cards. You can use one stamp or one image. This image or stamp needs to be the same on all five cards. You can use MCPT. You can use no more than three different solid colors of cardstock. (You can use white or black solid cardstock in addition to the three colors of cardstock) You can use either a sentiment stamp for your cards or a computer generated sentiment. The sentiment that you choose is your choice. I will make thank you cards because those seem to be mostly what I need right now.

You may not use bling, patterned paper, any type of embellishment, embossing, ribbon, buttons, etc.

This week should really get some cards in our stash. :)


  1. Oooooh, no patterned paper, no embossing?! :o) Going to have to get my thinking cap on here!! This is a great Challenge Shelly!! Can't wait to see what we can come up with!
    Hugs - Min

  2. I think I spend the most time finding the perfect patterned paper. If not that then definitely trying to find other embellishments. This was so great because I got all 5 cards done today other than printing the sentiment inside.