Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Friend Challenge - Week of October 12th

Time to post a goal for this week. Actually a little past time I guess. Yesterday was definitely a Monday!

This week I think my challenge will be much the same as last week. I want to make another card like last weeks card. I have another birthday coming up and I think that card is perfect. And I have some of the patterned paper left, so that works out nicely. And since I didn't get it done last week, I want to get out the advent calendar and pick out a design for a holiday vinyl decoration. I would also love to get another pair of slippers done.

Crossing my fingers. :)

Ok...not so good for me this week. Well, challenge wise at least. The only thing that I accomplised was one slipper. We did get alot of other things done around the house. The hummingbird feeders are cleaned and put away. We adjusted some of the outside lighting and put up new light fixtures on the garage. (looks so much better) And I had the cleaning bug on Saturday and Sunday and got lots of deep cleaning done in the kitchen.

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