Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Friend Challenge - Week of September 28, 09

I am so excited about our new format for our Good Friend Challenges. We have decided to change it a little to make it more "user friendly" for all of us. Each week we will post our own goals on my friend Min's blog. These goals can be just items that we have on our to do lists, or they can be challenges that we find from other blogs that we visit.

This week, my goal was to complete another gift card holder. I like how it turned out, and really enjoyed my time in my studio today.

Below...a picture of the card opened. This shows where the gift card can be attached. Thanks again to Jody from the Cricut Messageboards for the file. I love these!

I also finished a pair of slippers that I started last winter. These are for my step daughter Jordan. I don't know why...but I am not totally happy with them. They didn't seem to shape really well during the felting. Maybe because of my front load washer, or maybe because of the brand of yarn that I used. She loves I guess that is all that matters.

Now that the weather is cooler and the pool is closed, I am looking forward to more time in my studio. Now to think about what my goal will be for next week.


  1. Great progress this week!! What a super CUTE gift card holder!!! I really like the color of the slippers. They look from what I can see like they maybe need to be felted a bit more (you can still see some of the knit ribs. I just posted for this week's challenge - can't wait to see what's on your list this week!
    Hugs & Happy Days!
    Your little Sis :)

  2. ahh...maybe that was it. I will give that a try on my new pair. I don't think they felt as nicely in my front load washer. :(